Dec 31, 2010

welcome 2011

wish u all a happy healthy and successful new year...may god almighty ...bless ....u...all...........

Dec 30, 2010

I have done this doily according to the theme(turmeric+henna)..

knitted doily

a knitted doily...I dont know much about..knitting..I have learned knitting  for this doily only..

crochet doilys

wall hanging

A wall hanging made out of a left over plastic mesh piece .decorate it with a metal flower with leaves..

soap decoration

soap decorations..
wrap soap with a net material and tied ,then attatched a ribbon rose...looking cute know.....

Dec 29, 2010

waste cd crochet box

this is a crochet box made with waste cd..using it as thread box..I am keeping my crochet threads in it..
A yummy and colourful crochet cake for every one...its realy a visual treat....
but I am not fully satisfied with the strawberry..have to improve my strawberry..
filet crochet placemat done with nylone thread...I made this placemat for my cosister.she is a well wisher of my works.she requested me to make some placemat for her.. usually I am using pearl cotton threads....but it is too I changed my mind..I used nylone thread..when I started then only I realised crocheting with nylone thread is a  tedious I made only two...not four...sorry my dear ..

crochet bowl, crochet table runner and a beautiful cardigan.

beautiful cardigan made for my  sweet darling fathima..

some more crochet items

Dec 27, 2010

my home sweet home in velvet embossing

this is a velvet embossed of my cousin gave me as a gift..its a ready kit..I followed that instructions it is very easy...not much creativity is needed...

have a look at my crochet pineapple lace

while I was digging my old tressures I got this is so thought I will share it with u is a unfinished one..want to make a curtain edging..but only the threads are finishing... felt kept in I am using this as a cushion decorator....

Dec 26, 2010

thanks..thanks a ton...

I would like to  say many  thanks to lakshmi who help me to create this new blog..I am a newcomer have to learn lot about blogging..I want to share my crafts and thoughts too....

my recent works

some of my crochet items I am sharing which I did recently...
welcome to my  world of creations...wish u all happy and prosperous new year. 


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